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A Cat Can Purr Its Way Out Of Anything | CSI DT Post

For those of you that have been following me for a while, you’ll know that I usually balk when I see orange… however, I think that it works really well in this palette.

And here is what I did with this case:


Scheme : all there

Evidence : cat, flowers, frame

Testimony : document something about your pet

This cat.  This precious girl.  This tiny fur child, so deep into blatant nepotism, it’s just not funny.  She is my LOVE.  She lurks around me constantly; especially when I’m feeling down.  She’ll climb onto my lap and her purr’s alone will soothe me.  She chats to me every morning.  She gets away with murder.  She can do absolutely no wrong.  I’m very “protective” over my two oversized Buddha’s, yet she is the ONLY living being in my house – or entering my house – who can get away with doing THIS.  With both of them, she likes to sit right on top of their “acorn” hat.  How she manages to balance and get comfortable up there remains a mystery.  But do it, she will.  Sometimes I wonder whether this is her little dig at the other pets, showing oh-so-clearly that she IS the favourite in the house.  Crazy Pirate!

And here are some additional close up images of this LO.



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Loving These Moments

Yesterday I decided to break away from my usual posts / work, which is purely for my DT duties.

I fell in love with this sketch that Carienatjie put together for her FB page : Friends Who Like Scrapbook Studio; so I decided to take part in her challenge.

Not only do you need to follow the sketch, but you also need to use stamps AND make your journaling a feature.

Here is the sketch:

And here is what I finished off this morning:


My journaling has been framed; and I stamped in two ways – good old ink ‘n stamp and then also with heat embossing.

Here are some additional close up shots:


CSI DT Post, Single Page LO

Crazy Goose | CSI DT Post

Case File no 200 for CSI Color Stories Inspiration is not normally a colour scheme I will readily choose (and that is why I love this challenge site so!), but I’m pretty pleased with what I pulled together for this challenge!

Here is what I put together:


Scheme : all there

Evidence : stripes, stars, bricks, solid background

Testimony : acrostic for Crazy Goose

C is for Cracked up. You are the crazy goose.  Your antics leave me in stitches.

R is for Ridiculous. Because it’s utterly ridiculous how much I love you.  How much you bring colour to my world.

A is for Adorable. Or adorabubble.  Your quips, antics, toes and nose are far too adorable for words.

Z is for Zany. An apt word for your silly sense of humour!!

Y is for You. Because to me, YOU are everything!

G is for Gappy Goose! Since your top front tooth fell out, you have become even more endearing!

O is for Omnipotent. Because you are unstoppable – even though you don’t realise it yet!

O is for Oy Vey! Your strong willed personality is, at most, quite something to have to deal with!

S is for Sensitive. Your soul is an old one and you feel so very deeply, my little girl.

E is for Everlasting. My love for you.  Always.  Mommy is always here for you.


And here are some additional close up images:


CSI DT Post, Single Page LO

Time Flies | CSI DT Post

Case number 199 is currently open over at CSI : Color Stories Inspiration. You have 15 more days in which to join in on the delicious fun!

It is just the most sublime colour palette, and as you can see, it includes another gorgeous sketch by Em Stafrace.

And here is how I solved the case:


Scheme : All There

Evidence : dandelions, flowers, lace, circles, something transparent

Testimony : IW’s scatter and lovely

It was a rather chilly morning as we drove out to the Lourensford family market for an Easter Egg hunt and some lunch.

The eggs were scattered around one of their numerous gorgeous gardens and the kids set to work hunting!  Watching the delight in each of their faces was a lovely sight to behold; especially yours, naturally!

This was your first official ‘outside of home’ Easter Egg hunt and it’s safe to say that you loved every minute of it.  I’m sure this will be yet another fond memory you will be able to look back on.

All mommy can say is – thank goodness you were limited to finding “just” ten…!!

Here are some additional close up images of this piece.