Crazy Goose | CSI DT Post

Case File no 200 for CSI Color Stories Inspiration is not normally a colour scheme I will readily choose (and that is why I love this challenge site so!), but I’m pretty pleased with what I pulled together for this challenge!

Here is what I put together:


Scheme : all there

Evidence : stripes, stars, bricks, solid background

Testimony : acrostic for Crazy Goose

C is for Cracked up. You are the crazy goose.  Your antics leave me in stitches.

R is for Ridiculous. Because it’s utterly ridiculous how much I love you.  How much you bring colour to my world.

A is for Adorable. Or adorabubble.  Your quips, antics, toes and nose are far too adorable for words.

Z is for Zany. An apt word for your silly sense of humour!!

Y is for You. Because to me, YOU are everything!

G is for Gappy Goose! Since your top front tooth fell out, you have become even more endearing!

O is for Omnipotent. Because you are unstoppable – even though you don’t realise it yet!

O is for Oy Vey! Your strong willed personality is, at most, quite something to have to deal with!

S is for Sensitive. Your soul is an old one and you feel so very deeply, my little girl.

E is for Everlasting. My love for you.  Always.  Mommy is always here for you.


And here are some additional close up images:


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