Canvas, Fabscraps DT Post, Mixed Media, Single Page LO

2 Fabscraps Projects

So.  If you’ve been a follower of my scrapping blogs and / or Scrap Paper Scissors FB page and group, you will know that one of the five scrapbooking Design Teams I serve on is Fabscraps.

Let me talk a little about them…

In the past, I’d not worked much with their products.  It seemed to me (with hindsight, of course), that more international products (Prima, Kaisercraft, Bo Bunny, Graphic 45, etc) appeared to be more marketed and available to purchase online “free-er”.  Which is a bit sad really, if you consider who divine the products are that Fabscraps produce!

On a whim – and suggested (forced!) by a friend – I applied at the end of 2014 to be on the Design Team for Fabscraps.  I did not expect to be picked – but I was; and cried like a baby that day the email of acceptance arrived.

And I was blown away.  Both by the products I received to work with and also by the amazing staff AND my fellow, mind-blowingly talented DT members.

I re-applied again for this year and my “contract” was ‘renewed’.  I have a tiny little glowing fantasy brewing that I stay on this team permanently …  Oh, if only it were a long term job application!!

So, I have, in my craft room, four NEW ranges of theirs.  And I’m very proud and pleased to release TWO of my projects for the first range I have in my possession – namely, C85 – Shabby Rose.  This entire collection (and all collections from Fabscraps for that matter!) comprises the standard 12×12 inch papers, as well as Carders Pack, Stencils, Chippies, Chipboard Album, die cuts to “cover” your chippies, and stickers. Fabscraps also have a gorgeous selection of metal trinkets as well as ribbon, etc.

Oh – and if THAT wasn’t enough, they do a range of fabric too for quilting… I KNOW, right????

ANYWAY!!!!  Here are the first two projects I’ve created. The first is a single page LO and the second is a wooden boxed “canvas”, measuring 12″ x 12″.  I hope you like them!
















Thanks so much for visiting my site.  I hope to read LOADS of comments from you – both on my work and your own experience with Fabscraps!


A dream is a wish your heart makes

Hi folks,

The latest challenge is up and running over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration; I couldn’t wait to work with it because it’s a series of some of my most favourite colours to work with:

Isn’t it absolutely beautiful?

Here is what I created:


Scheme : All There

Evidence : Damask patter, polka dots, hearts, doily

Testimony : Creativity Prompt – Make A Wish

You absolutely love making wishes and everything that it involves.  You often ask me if genies are real and then an entire conversation surrounding lamps, etc. ensues.  If you see a dandelion wherever you go, you will stop to pick it up, close your eyes; then blow it and make a wish. You wish upon stars.  You make a wish when you blow out your birthday candles (or any other, for that matter!).

Each time, you stand firm in not telling anyone what your wished for because “then it won’t come true”.

More recently, you were very perplexed and asked me “Mommy, why hasn’t my wish come true yet?”

“What did you wish for, my baby?”

“I wished for a palace”

*chuckle* “Wellll… maybe you will marry a prince one day and then you can LIVE in one”

Don’t stop wishing and dreaming my love!

Here are some close-ups.


CSI DT Post, Single Page LO

Believe | CSI DT Post

Today I am sharing my take on Case 203 over at CSI Color Stories Inspiration.  Here is what you have to work with in order to solve the case.

I approach all my DT tasks quite differently. With my CSI challenges, I usually work on my Testimony first and then I work backwards.  I go through my stash and gather all elements I may want to use and then I go through my paper, carefully selecting the colours.  I was pretty pleased to have found one single page that contained all the colours in the scheme for this challenge.  So, this is how I solved this beautiful case:



Scheme : all there

Evidence : leaves, mesh, dots

Testimony : Easy Street Prompt – The Girl Who Found Herself

By nature, I’m what many would call “deep”.  I don’t believe in settling for the mundane. I believe in finding purpose; finding one thing – or indeed MANY things – that will feed your soul and your passion.

In my almost 41-years, I have been thrown many life lessons – choosing to learn from all of them.  Granted, the lessons came after much sadness; but learn lessons I did.

I’ve learned a whole lot about myself.  I’ve learned that life is incredibly short and it is here to be LIVED!  I’ve learned that it’s so very easy to wallow in depression and self pity.  I’ve learned that it is so much harder to find something to be grateful for, when all you want to do is curl up into a ball, cover yourself in your blanket and sleep a 100 Sundays.

Am I the girl who found herself?  In some ways, yes, I am.  But in so many others, I know that my journey is still going to be filled with an incredible amount of excitement, beautiful and unforgettable memories, beauty and LOVE.  I might have found a fraction of myself up until now, but oh man… I’m EXCITED about finding my whole self in the many years I intend LIVING.

Here are some close ups of this piece.


CSI DT Post, Single Page LO

Laugh Often | CSI DT

Today I’m sharing my take on the latest challenge over at CSI – which includes another fabulous sketch by our gorgeous Em.

I really loved this scheme and the sketch.  Here is what I put together for this one.


Scheme : all there

Evidence : solid white background, grid pattern, diamonds, triangles, stamps, asterisks, enamel dots

Testimony : NY Times prompt : favourite sleepover memories

My cousins.  Leanne and Marc.  Honestly, more like a brother and sister to me.  Many a school holiday was spent with these two; and many a sleepover too.  We were three miscreants who drove their poor mother completely up the wall.

I have countless memories of sleepover with them and some of the more memorable moments include giggling into the night and being “shouted” at by their mom, laughing so hard that tea came out my nose, playing Barbies and always getting hot coffee in the morning when we woke up.

I dig these two and to this day, as we are all adults now, we still get up to mischief; we STILL tease their mom and we still laugh and joke pretty much the way we used to.  May we never, EVER grow out of that!

Here are some close up shots of this piece.  I wanted to keep it straight forward and simple.


Double Page LO, Let's Scrap DT Post

Little Dreamer | Let’s Scrap DT

Hi fellow scrappers!

Today I’m sharing two of my latest projects.  The first is this utterly delicious sketch by Michelle, for Let’s Scrap.

We’ve had a few disappointing rounds where we’ve not had many people take part in our sketch challenge.  The sketches really are just divine and the fact that they also incorporate the use of MANY photographs (in all shapes and sizes too!), is a huge, huge bonus!  Please play along with us!?  You still have until the 15th of June to submit your art!

Here is how I interpreted this fortnight’s sketch.