Laugh Often | CSI DT

Today I’m sharing my take on the latest challenge over at CSI – which includes another fabulous sketch by our gorgeous Em.

I really loved this scheme and the sketch.  Here is what I put together for this one.


Scheme : all there

Evidence : solid white background, grid pattern, diamonds, triangles, stamps, asterisks, enamel dots

Testimony : NY Times prompt : favourite sleepover memories

My cousins.  Leanne and Marc.  Honestly, more like a brother and sister to me.  Many a school holiday was spent with these two; and many a sleepover too.  We were three miscreants who drove their poor mother completely up the wall.

I have countless memories of sleepover with them and some of the more memorable moments include giggling into the night and being “shouted” at by their mom, laughing so hard that tea came out my nose, playing Barbies and always getting hot coffee in the morning when we woke up.

I dig these two and to this day, as we are all adults now, we still get up to mischief; we STILL tease their mom and we still laugh and joke pretty much the way we used to.  May we never, EVER grow out of that!

Here are some close up shots of this piece.  I wanted to keep it straight forward and simple.



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