Believe | CSI DT Post

Today I am sharing my take on Case 203 over at CSI Color Stories Inspiration.  Here is what you have to work with in order to solve the case.

I approach all my DT tasks quite differently. With my CSI challenges, I usually work on my Testimony first and then I work backwards.  I go through my stash and gather all elements I may want to use and then I go through my paper, carefully selecting the colours.  I was pretty pleased to have found one single page that contained all the colours in the scheme for this challenge.  So, this is how I solved this beautiful case:



Scheme : all there

Evidence : leaves, mesh, dots

Testimony : Easy Street Prompt – The Girl Who Found Herself

By nature, I’m what many would call “deep”.  I don’t believe in settling for the mundane. I believe in finding purpose; finding one thing – or indeed MANY things – that will feed your soul and your passion.

In my almost 41-years, I have been thrown many life lessons – choosing to learn from all of them.  Granted, the lessons came after much sadness; but learn lessons I did.

I’ve learned a whole lot about myself.  I’ve learned that life is incredibly short and it is here to be LIVED!  I’ve learned that it’s so very easy to wallow in depression and self pity.  I’ve learned that it is so much harder to find something to be grateful for, when all you want to do is curl up into a ball, cover yourself in your blanket and sleep a 100 Sundays.

Am I the girl who found herself?  In some ways, yes, I am.  But in so many others, I know that my journey is still going to be filled with an incredible amount of excitement, beautiful and unforgettable memories, beauty and LOVE.  I might have found a fraction of myself up until now, but oh man… I’m EXCITED about finding my whole self in the many years I intend LIVING.

Here are some close ups of this piece.



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