A dream is a wish your heart makes

Hi folks,

The latest challenge is up and running over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration; I couldn’t wait to work with it because it’s a series of some of my most favourite colours to work with:

Isn’t it absolutely beautiful?

Here is what I created:


Scheme : All There

Evidence : Damask patter, polka dots, hearts, doily

Testimony : Creativity Prompt – Make A Wish

You absolutely love making wishes and everything that it involves.  You often ask me if genies are real and then an entire conversation surrounding lamps, etc. ensues.  If you see a dandelion wherever you go, you will stop to pick it up, close your eyes; then blow it and make a wish. You wish upon stars.  You make a wish when you blow out your birthday candles (or any other, for that matter!).

Each time, you stand firm in not telling anyone what your wished for because “then it won’t come true”.

More recently, you were very perplexed and asked me “Mommy, why hasn’t my wish come true yet?”

“What did you wish for, my baby?”

“I wished for a palace”

*chuckle* “Wellll… maybe you will marry a prince one day and then you can LIVE in one”

Don’t stop wishing and dreaming my love!

Here are some close-ups.



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