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As Time Goes By| CSI DT Post

It has been a little while since I’ve posted or shared any of my work. July is a busy month for me – and the few weeks leading into it – as it’s both school holidays (3 weeks!) and my daughter’s birthday is on the 12th.  I end up doing all her preps and hosting her party here at home, so there really is a lot that needs to get done!


Today I want to share my take on Case File 207 over at CSI : Color Stories Inspiration.  I loved this palette particularly, because as of late, I seem to be doing many layouts that incorporate some shade of blue (or teal!).

Here is what the case file looks like – I love it!

And here is how I went about solving the case:


Scheme : all there

Evidence : textured paper, frame, wood, twine

Testimony : ‘blossom’ from Sunday Scribblings

This year, so far, has been one where I have seen a great many ways in which you have changed, grown and blossomed into your very own independence.  Nothing gives me greater joy and warms my heart more than to see just how much you have grown up. Not just the loss of baby teeth; not just choosing your own clothes for the day and not needing any assistance whatsoever when it comes to dressing; not just seeing you start doing things more and more for yourself; but seeing your personality change and develop and come into its own.  Watching you establish yourself as an individual and making your space in the world.  It is utterly awe inspiring!  And I’m really enjoying this journey with you!








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Happiness is Home Made | CSI Post

Hi artists!

I’ve hit the ground running – yet again!  Busy weekend!  Busy week ahead as my daughters’ birthday party planning is in full swing!  I’m a few days behind with this post, suffice it to say!

CSI Case 206 is a stunner!  I adore the scheme we had to work with and I decided to go with the first prompt – journal about patriotism.  Here is the challenge:

And here is how I solved this case:


Scheme : all there

Evidence : stars, frames, wood, grid

Testimony : journal about patriotism

It’s safe to say that the majority of us love our home country / town.  I’m no exception; despite knowing that there are aspects of my country and how its run that leaves a lot to be desired.

That aside, I’m so proudly South African, it’s ridiculous.  I savour long scenic drives and I relish in the beauty that is right on my doorstep.

I get goosebumps and incredibly emotional when I see how my fellow South Africans look out for each other and where they succeed on an international level.  I’m proud of a myriad of things that is “just ours”; e.g. Pinotage wine, etc.

I’m proud of my Afrikaans heritage and background.

I’m proud that I will raise my daughter right here in this country, despite a few worries that I do have.

I love my country.  I always, ALWAYS will.  No one will change that – and I refuse to let them.

Here are some close ups:









To Love Is The Greatest Adventure | CSI Post

It goes without saying that I absolutely love my art, my craft.  It really is my passion.

And then every now and then, a project that I create, I just end up loving so very much.  This is one of them and it was for my role as DT for CSI: Color Stories Inspiration; case file number 205.

As you can see, this case also has a sketch by the gorgeous Em.

Here is how I solved this case.  I just loved every part of this case so very much!


Scheme : all there

Evidence : chevrons, stripes

Testimony : “Photo A Day” Prompt – someone you love

I was introduced to this beautiful boy by my late husband, as one of his good friends, in the late 1990’s.  Right from the very start, I had a soft spot for him.  Perhaps it was because we shared a surname at that time and would joke occasionally about being brother and sister…  Perhaps it was because he was such a sweetheart.  I’ll never know.

Fast forward to May 2015 and we unexpectedly found ourselves in the start of a relationship.

It was not my intention back then to be in a relationship of any sort.  Neither of us sought it out – but this is where we find ourselves now, just over one year later.

I could not feel more lucky to have him in my life if I tried.  He is an incredible, warm and generous human being.  He is both good FOR and good TO me.  And to my daughter.  He has taught me many things and continues to do so.  He is so loving in nature and an absolute joy to be around as he has a sense of humour like no other.

He is beautiful inside and out and I’m certain that I am the luckiest girl alive.