As Time Goes By| CSI DT Post

It has been a little while since I’ve posted or shared any of my work. July is a busy month for me – and the few weeks leading into it – as it’s both school holidays (3 weeks!) and my daughter’s birthday is on the 12th.  I end up doing all her preps and hosting her party here at home, so there really is a lot that needs to get done!


Today I want to share my take on Case File 207 over at CSI : Color Stories Inspiration.  I loved this palette particularly, because as of late, I seem to be doing many layouts that incorporate some shade of blue (or teal!).

Here is what the case file looks like – I love it!

And here is how I went about solving the case:


Scheme : all there

Evidence : textured paper, frame, wood, twine

Testimony : ‘blossom’ from Sunday Scribblings

This year, so far, has been one where I have seen a great many ways in which you have changed, grown and blossomed into your very own independence.  Nothing gives me greater joy and warms my heart more than to see just how much you have grown up. Not just the loss of baby teeth; not just choosing your own clothes for the day and not needing any assistance whatsoever when it comes to dressing; not just seeing you start doing things more and more for yourself; but seeing your personality change and develop and come into its own.  Watching you establish yourself as an individual and making your space in the world.  It is utterly awe inspiring!  And I’m really enjoying this journey with you!








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