Away We Go | CSI DT Post

I am hideously behind in blogging all my recent projects and for that I hang my head in shame.  So today,  you will be bombarded with FIVE separate posts as I wade my way through my blogging admin!

First up, is Major Case File 208 over at CSI. It’s a lovely soft palette and includes a gorgeous sketch by Em.

Here is how I played along and solved the case:


Scheme : all there

Evidence : chevrons, travel accents, filmstrip

Testimony : document a trip

A few weeks ago, Ummie and Uppie invited us along with them to take a drive in their camper.  It was my very first time in the Camper, but you had been several times before.  The only reason I’ve not been is because I’m not terribly fond of confined spaces.

We drove as far as out of Ceres and found a spot to hop out, have a snack and explore.  It was utterly freezing, but we had a great time looking around.  We ended up coming home with a huge pile of pine cones and some small flowers too.

We had all hoped that we would at least find some snow to play in, but sadly we didn’t.  There was, however, great amounts of it high on top of the mountains that surrounded us.  Pity we couldn’t get there, as mommy dearly would love to see your reaction to snow (and throw a snowball at you!).

What a wonderful morning it was for all of us – and a great way to travel too!

Here are some clos up shots of my piece.







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