Happy Memory | CSI DT Post

Hello my fellow artistic friends!

Today I want to share three posts; the first is the lastest challenge over at CSI – Case File number 212.  The instant I saw this colour scheme, I thought of ballet, fairies and all things girly.

I was also pretty pleased that it matched perfectly with the photograph I had planned, which I took of Isabella at her 6th birthday party.

Here is how I solved this case:


Scheme : all there

Evidence : Solid background, shiny gold elements, frames

Testimony : IW – plan

Each year, I start planning for your birthday parties LONG in advance.  In fact, within 2 – 3 months of your birthday having finished, the planning for the next one begins in earnest.  This year was no exception and although it was not on as much of a grand scale as it has been in the past, it was an incredibly special day.  The theme was Disney Fairies and you insisted on having both your cake and your outfit modelled on fairy Silvermist; she’s been your favourite all along.

I managed to source an outfit for you months prior and it was shipped across to us from across the ocean; all the way from America.

I have been wanting to bake a ‘doll cake’ for the longest time and was very pleased to finally have the opportunity.  Again, I searched long and hard for the perfect Silvermist doll (we have three to prove that!) and we finally settled on the most glittery one to use for your cake.  What an absolute joy it was for me to bake this cake for you; but most especially to see and hear your response at how it turned out.

I hope that you had an incredible day, my little fairy princess!

Here are some close up shots of my work.












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