Long Overdue Catch Up

Guys… I’ve really dropped the ball on my blog posts and aside from being utterly mortified at that fact, I’m supremely angry at myself!  I’ve done a lot of projects for my roles as DT, but I’ve not posted them.  Unacceptable.

Life has just been all kinds of crazy here for me and I’m struggling a little.  Primarily because I’m working really hard at trying to get my projects finished for end January 2017 already (almost there!), as I’m going away from 16 – 27 December!

While I’m managing (just!) to get my projects done, the admin side of them is proving to be a little harder to get to right now.  And of course, I have a house to keep clean too….

Anyway.  I’m going to share 9 of the projects I’ve worked on since my end-October post.  Most of these deadlines have already passed, so I’m really sorry about that.


Above : a shadow box I created for Fabscraps.  You can find the tutorial here .


Above : sketch challenge for Let’s Scrap


Above : CSI Challenge


Above : sketch challenge for Let’s Scrap


Above  : a card sketch challenge for Feeling Sketchy


Above : another CSI challenge


Above : sketch challenge for Let’s Scrap



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