Love These Memories | CSI

(At the risk of sounding a little conceited…) You know how sometimes you just love your own scrapping page, from start to finish… well….I just loved working with the latest case over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration.  The colour palette is divine!

Head on over and play along with us!  Just look how DIVINE it is!!!

Here is what I did with the current challenge:


Scheme : all there

Evidence : gingham, hearts, flowers, stitching

Testimony : IW’s tradition and sweet

Our little morning ritual / tradition is mostly you climbing into bed with Wolfie and I once you’ve woken up.  I love nothing better than snuggling into your warmth and nestling my nose into your neck just so that I can inhale your scent.  My hands ultimately find their way to your sweet little toes (one day, I WILL have them for breakfast).  Weekends are a little different – we have tea in bed, followed by chatting, planning our day and …. TICKLING.  I’m not sure for how much longer this tradition of ours will carry on – but I intend to savour every single time (despite my occasional irritation at the squirmy tickling!).

Here are some close ups of my piece:










Teacher Canvases

Several weeks ago, I was approached by our parent “class captain” to make a special canvas from all the kiddies, as a parting gift. She had an idea in mind and when I got home to do a search, I came upon another lovely idea for a Dandelion ‘puff’.

I set to work practically immediately and this is the result.  I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, considering it was the very first time I’d ever attempted something like this.  Each little ‘pod’ contains the fingerprint of each child in the class.






And then two weeks ago I was asked to do another!  Here is the result.  I wanted to give it a bit of a ‘dusk’ feel, hence the okra, yellow, mauve and charcoal colour scheme.






My Christmas Wish List | CSI

And last but not least – I’m sharing my take on the latest case to solve over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration.  As you can see, it includes a rather beautiful sketch by our Em.

And here is what I THOROUGHLY enjoyed putting together!


Scheme : all there

Evidence : polka dots, plaid, holiday accents, snow flakes

Testimony : create a wish list for your topic

My Bluebird.  My wishlist for you is that the life lessons you are learning now and have yet to learn are soft and gentle on your very sensitive heart.  That you carry through with your compassion for others; as well as your loyalty towards your friends.  That happiness finds you always.  That love surrounds you in its comforting cocoon. That you continue to grow with the beauty and intelligence that you are showing now.  That you continue to take pride in helping others.  That all the naivety and inner caring beauty you carry with you now will never be dampened by anyone. That you will always, always know the depth of my love for you; that I will do anything for you; that I am your BEST friend.

Here are some close ups: