Little Mermaid | CSI DT

Hi again!

I’m back this afternoon to share with you the latest case file up for investigation over at CSI: Color, Stories Inspiration.  It’s preeetttyyyyy yummy, this one!

And this is how I solved this case:


Scheme : all there

Evidence : plain cardstock, arrows, die cuts

Testimony : use an item in the scene – mermaid!

We took part in a sandcastle competition late last year while at Pearly Beach.  We started off by building a replica of Table Mountain (one of Cape Town’s most DELICIOUS natural tourist attractions), but the wind was just not on our side; so we ended up pulling an idea out of our hats and sat you down so that we could turn  you into a mermaid.

You were AMAZINGLY patient – and most definitely set a personal record for The Longest Time Sitting Completely Still.

Although you didn’t win first prize, you drew a lot of attention and really, you were a sure winner to us!

Here are some close ups!








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