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So my second (and third!) post today is for the latest challenge over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration – Case File Number 225.   The reason there are TWO posts for this particular case file is because I couldn’t decide between two of the Testimonies (i.e. journal prompts), so went with both!

As you can see, this case file comes with a gorgeous sketch from our very own, very gorgeous, Em of The Nifty Pixel!

And here is the first SPLO I did for this case:


Scheme : all there

Evidence : stripes, something that flies, circles

Testimony : prompt idea – what do you collect?

Well… it’s pretty obvious, if you think about it… I collect MEMORIES!  I think that, that is a big part of what life is about.  Head on out on an adventure – no matter how big or small.  Create memories to look back on.  I hope that one day Isabella will cherish the ones I’ve made into scrapbooks, canvases, etc. for her!

I must drive people NUTS with the amount of Instagram photo’s or FB timeline shares I post – but it’s not really for their benefit – it’s for MINE.  I love heading onto FB to see ‘on this day’… I love how these memories, long since gathering dust in the back of a shelf in my head, can crop up and suddenly there you are, back to that very moment 8, 9 or 10 years ago. I LOVE it!

Collecting memories might not in the physical sense (unless you count the scrapbooks and artwork!), but to me, it definitely IS something I collect – daily!  There is no end in sight for this one!







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  1. Anastasia M. says:

    This one is cute! And it has butterflies too))
    (good memories are best things to collect, they don’t weight anything and we can take them anywhere)


  2. Beautiful page – love the layering and the butterflies!


  3. Gorgeous page, love the pen outlined shapes!


  4. Love your page and especially your story!


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