Always Laugh Always Smile

Hi guys!

First day of a two week school holiday – and I’m SO happy to still be in my jarmies, at 08:15!!  Much to do this week though, as we are going away for a little over a week at the crack of dawn on Saturday!

Anyway, today I want to share the latest case file over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration.  This one is a major case file and as such, also includes a lovely sketch, done by Em of The Nifty Pixel.

Here is the single page LO I made for this case:


Scheme : all there

Evidence : stripes, flowers, wood, frames, triangle, circular element

Testimony : Prompt idea – what was your funniest moment

We need to laugh at ourselves; we really do.  Even in those incredibly embarrassing moments.  A few weeks back, I was walking around a clothing store when suddenly I bumped into someone, I turned to apologise profusely, until I realised I was apologising to a mannequin.  No one saw it happen – but a few heads turned when I burst out into the most raucous laugh.  It was one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments.  Life is very short; how boring it would be if we didn’t laugh every single day.

IMG_5561_edited-1 copy

IMG_5562_edited-1 copy










3 thoughts on “Always Laugh Always Smile

  1. What a beautiful layout, Lisa-Marie ! Even though these colours were out of your comfort zone, your style still shines through. The wood grain paper sets up the other colours beautifully. I love the fussy cut flowers…how pretty. So is the soft masking in the background. Great job.
    I wish I had that “laugh at myself” gene. If that had been me at the store, I would have been so embarrassed. Being able to laughing would be a better option, I’m sure.


  2. I love this, Lisa-Marie. I really admire how you added the penwork, it looks great. I am so fearful of doing penwork on my pages, I just feel like I will ruin the whole thing. I love the story that you also shared, that could’ve been a really embarassing moment and I like that you are confident enough to laugh at yourself. Kudos to you and your layout rocks too!


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