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Hi all!!

Today I’d like to share with you, my take on Case File 236 over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration.


The case file looks like this:

Scheme : all there

Evidence : polka dots, gold

Testimony : I used a Sunday Stealing prompt – the last telephone conversation you had (not today, but on the day I completed the project!)

In the first week of our recent school holidays, you went with Ummie and Uppie to Langebaan (that was a whole FOUR sleeps away from momma – you were better at it than I was!).  While you were away, you phoned me each and every single day – and towards the end, up to three times a day.  We chatted endlessly about the most random things – what you did, what I did, what you ate, what I ate, what time I went to bed, what time YOU went to bed, how naughty Uppie was, all the presents you got – EVERY DAY!  It certainly did make it easier for me when I spoke to you – but at the same time, at the end of every conversation, I was feeling a little bereft.  I think that you were too, because on the last two days, our conversations were ended with a few tears.

Here are some close up images of my piece.









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  1. Wonderful photo and mix of patterns here, and what a sweet story to document!


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