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Hi all,

The latest case to solve over at CSI for the month of November has a very earthy palette and a beautiful sketch by Em.  Scroll down for more details on the challenge and then also, the direct link!

And this is my own take on the challenge:

Scheme : all there

Evidence : stripes, wood/woodgrain, chevron arrows

Testimony : gratitude journal prompt – what skills are you thankful for?

During your school holidays, we did one of the things I love most (and think I might be relatively good at) – we BAKED!  We baked up a storm!  Cookies galore!  I have never shied away from baking – even as a youngster, I enjoyed it.  And it wasn’t until I started watching cookery channels a while ago, that I realised that there are just some recipes that people are ‘scared’ of.  I’ve never been afraid to try a brand new recipe – even if I’m trying some brand new for the first time when having guests around.  In these pictures, we made glass pane window cookies.  I have always wanted to try my hand at baking them – so I figured we had just better do it in the school holidays.  Well, they were an absolute hit and a massive success!  And oh-so-delicious too!  I think you actually ended up stealing a few when I wasn’t looking because that cookie jar emptied out VERY quickly!

Here is what the gorgeous palette and sketch look like; and the link is here:

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  1. So adorable, as always, Lisa-Marie! Those cookies are gorgeous–love that you documented your baking adventure! I can say…baking is a talent and you must have it! It’s one I definitely do not possess! {I did steal one or two…}
    xo Carrie 🙂


  2. Lisa-Marie, I love the way you interpreted the sketch. Having two pieces of wood grain paper at both sides of the layout, and leaving the negative space between them create the centre strip, is genius. I never would have thought of that. So interesting how we all see things differently. Love the cut-out flowers, and the bright red title. Great job!


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