Scrappingclearly, Single Page LO

You Are My Rainbow

Hi there!

It’s currently school holidays – and we are going away for 11 blissful days on Friday – so this will be amongst my last challenge entries until school starts up again on the 17th of July!  That said, I know that when I get back from holidays I’m going to be itching like MAD to start scrapping again!  Eleven days away from my art room is going to be a wee bit of torture!


Today I want to share with you, the layout I made for the June challenge over at Scrapping Clearly.  It’s a lovely bright one this month and as you can see, includes a really lovely sketch!

Here is my layout.  My daughter painted this picture in March and I have been hanging on to it, waiting for the perfect layout to use it on.  Well, with a bit of a rainbow / colourful theme going for the Scrapping Clearly challenge, I decided that I would be silly to just not use this photo!





More Than Words, Single Page LO

Love This Journey

I really love taking part in the challenges at More Than Words – they really allow you to think outside the box – and also, personally, I tend to move out of my comfort zones – in varying degrees.  I think this is a good thing, as I sometimes really get stuck in a rut where my scrapping is concerned.

ANYWAY! June’s challenge over at More Than Words is one of those where I’m a tad out of my comfort zone.  Check it out:

You have to use a map or elements of it, somewhere on your piece and you have to be inspired by the word ‘journey’.

Here’s the story behind my piece:

I have incorporated some paper that show maps and also compasses.  As for inspiration behind the word – well, as cliche as it sounds – I really do think that life is a journey.  I decided to use these images of my boyfriend and I, because I really am enjoying this life journey with him.  I’ve known him for about 20 years; but it was only 3 years ago (after my husband’s passing), that we hooked up.  It was all rather odd, surreal, strange; we didn’t socialise all that much (he stayed a short distance from us), but one night I decided to have a little gathering and, for some reason, invited him.  We hooked up that night and the rest is history. It was incredibly challenging in the beginning – going from friends to more-than-friends, but it has been worth it.  He’s made my “new” life’s journey so much fun and filled it with an incredible love.

Okay – so on to my layout for this challenge!


Challenge YOUrself, Single Page LO

Then & Now

Hey guys!

Today I want to share a layout I created for June at Challenge YOUrself.  For this one, you have to create a layout that features a photo of you as a child and one of you as an adult.  Those who know me, will tell you that I do NOT like being in front of the camera – so finding a relatively recent pic of myself was a challenge in itself!  The one I have used was taken in April, so I guess that’s okay!  These two pics are pretty much 40 years apart…

I hope you like it!






Single Page LO, The Studio Challenges

My Heart is Full | The Studio DT

Hi guys and gals!

The challenge over at The Studio Challenges Blog today is one that we would like to see more of you take part in – create a layout that has something to do with YOU.  That’s right – YOU.  So often we base our pieces on our family or pets or holidays – when last have you done one that is just YOU?  I challenge you to join in on this one!  I can’t wait to see what you do!

The story behind my piece stems from the fact that all my life, I wanted to have children.  In fact, I wanted to have 4 kids (what was I thinking!?).  But, life would deal me a very hard blow – I am infertile.  I cannot have kids.  For a full decade, my late husband and I tried and tried.  Four IVF’s and about 5 or 6 miscarriages later (I decided to stop counting), we decided that we would adopt.  We were among the very lucky few to have only waited a short while before we were chosen by a birth mom – four months, to be precise.  We got “The Call” and exactly a week later, a little girl was placed with us… a little girl that makes my life worth living, a little girl who is so much more than I ever imagined I wanted, a little girl who is my breath, my heart, my WORLD.

This pic was amongst a batch taken on her first birthday at a family photo shoot (grandparents included) – I cherish every single one of the pictures, particularly as two of the best men I’ve ever loved are in the photo’s and have now left the Earth – my husband and my daddy.




CSI DT Post, Single Page LO

Summer Stories | CSI DT

Hi friends!

Today up on my blog, is the latest challenge at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration.  This is a very vibrant, bright and summery palette for you to work with today.  Just what I needed – as it’s full-on cold, wet and wintry here in Durbanville!

Here is what I put together for this challenge.


The colour scheme is all there.

I wanted to mimic the camper and I did so with the basic design of my layout.  I also added in plenty of circles, dots, checkered print paper and some squares – all of these shapes and designs were inspiration straight from the image.  Lastly, I added in a little deck chair and I did bright yellow stencil work on my background, just to emphasise the summer aspect of the image.

My story tells of the 5 senses of summer.

Smells – when I wake up and smell grass or flowers or chlorine, I am immediately reminded that Summer is indeed here.

Sights – bright sunshine, butterflies and bees, sparkling pool.  All of these just shout out SUMMER to me.

Sounds – birds chirping outside while you are still in bed, the sounds of kids swimming or playing next door, the splash of our pool.

Touch – the heat of the rocks around our pool as we sit down on them with our feet in the water, the cool wet of the water as we cool our bodies down, an icy cold class as we sip our beverages.

Taste – ice-cream! Cold drinks, icky chlorine water from the pool as it splashes in our mouths, braai’ed meat (barbeque).

And here are some additional close up images of my work.





Scrap Our Stash, Single Page LO

Love & Cherish

Hi guys.

Today I am taking part in the latest challenge at Scrap Our Stash.

I loved this movie, and this challenge has made me want to watch it again.  I decided to google quotes from the movie; and for this challenge I decided to use “You’re A Good Papa”.

The stash items I used:

F – feathers (printed paper), frames

A – arrows (printed paper), aqua colour, ampersand, anchor (because daddy was our anchor!)

T – teal colour, timber (printed paper), text (printed paper & stamp)

H – hearts (printed paper)

E – enamel dots, egg yellow colour

R – ranger ink, red colour, rainbow background

The photo for my piece is of my late daddy and I.  Since my husband passed away in late 2014, Father’s Day has not been particularly ‘fun’ for me.  I did, however always celebrate my precious daddy.  We lost him mid-March this year though… so yet again, I’m not really looking forward to Father’s Day on Sunday.

Anyway.  To pay tribute to my OWN “Good Papa”, I created this LO.





Single Page LO, Stick It Down

Just So Blessed

This is the first time I am taking part in a challenge at Stick It Down.  It’s a pretty great challenge site because you get three sketches to do – an SPLO, a DPLO and / or a card!

So I chose to go with the SPLO option – here is the sketch:


And this is what I did – I flipped the sketch once, anti clockwise.

This pic of us three was taken on the day of the recent royal wedding and I LOVE everything about it.  I decided to pick out colours from the photo to use on my LO.  I hope you like it!





Kraft+, Single Page LO

Today Is Your Day


I’m taking part in the Kraft Plus challenge again this month.

I’m not going to lie – when I first saw it I hit a block… but then the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to take part – and I’m glad I did.

So, the story behind my quote (And Will You Succeed?  Yes, You Will Indeed!  99 3/4 Percent Guaranteed!) is this:

For about 2 months, the world ended each and every time my daughter tried (and failed at) doing the (in)famous floss move that all kids (and adults) seem to be doing nowadays!  We tried to teach her but when she didn’t get it right, she’d literally throw herself down in a flurry of tears.  We told her to keep on trying and practicing and would’t you know it?  One day she just got it right!  Needless to say, I was close to cracking open a bottle of champagne!  The week before last, her school had a “Growth Week” and on the last day of said week, kids had to dress up with a “Growth” theme.  I ran out to the shops to get her some trendy leggings (hot pink lame disco pants thangyouverymuch!) and I painted her a t-shirt with SF on it – and below it I painted “Super Floss Girl”.  Her catch phrase?  Perseverance pays off!  She was absolutely delighted at the idea!

I had the photo printed up since the day she dressed up and I’m very happy with using it for this particular challenge!  I couldn’t have asked for a better way to preserve this memory!  THANK YOU Kraft Plus!!!