You Are My Rainbow

Hi there!

It’s currently school holidays – and we are going away for 11 blissful days on Friday – so this will be amongst my last challenge entries until school starts up again on the 17th of July!  That said, I know that when I get back from holidays I’m going to be itching like MAD to start scrapping again!  Eleven days away from my art room is going to be a wee bit of torture!


Today I want to share with you, the layout I made for the June challenge over at Scrapping Clearly.  It’s a lovely bright one this month and as you can see, includes a really lovely sketch!

Here is my layout.  My daughter painted this picture in March and I have been hanging on to it, waiting for the perfect layout to use it on.  Well, with a bit of a rainbow / colourful theme going for the Scrapping Clearly challenge, I decided that I would be silly to just not use this photo!





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