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Hey there!

Today over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration, we have a lovely new palette for you to work with and some really gorgeous images to get your creative juices flowing!

Here is what I put together:


I used all the colours of the palette. I love how the upper left hand corner photograph has a white background, so I applied this concept to my LO as well. In addition, I made use of floral paper and woodgrain paper. The other feature of the photographs that really drew my eye, was that the black was such a small part – yet, it really stood out as specific details. That is why I chose to use layered chippies and made just the detail or outline of the flowers, black. I loved how cute the little girl in the photograph was, so I decided to use a super cute photo of my daughter when she was just a baby.

Though you can’t see it in this photograph, Isabella was wearing a crown alice band and to say that looked utterly adorable in it, would be a gross understatement. I knew that it would not last very long on her head, so I only managed to shoot off 3 photographs of her in it. Needless to say, sentimental sap that I am, we do still have this alice band lying around somewhere – almost 7.5 years later…

Here are some close ups of my LO.




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  1. Lisa Moen says:

    This is adorable Lisa! Love that sweet photo!


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