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If  you are a summer and / or beach fiend, then you are going to LOVE the latest challenge over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration!  Just look:

Here is how I solved the case:


The colour palette is all there.

I was inspired by the stripes, the deck of playing cards and the circles in the image.  I used a ‘Joker’ card just beneath my photograph – Isabella is ALWAYS joking around, so I couldn’t resist.  I also took inspiration from the triangular shape of the umbrella and so incorporated some triangles on my piece.  I added some sun-shaped chippies and to finish off, I added a fan (which is supposed to look like it’s in her hand).  Though there isn’t a fan in the image, the seashell in the lower right hand corner reminded me a little of a fan…

Having or being an only child is a bit of a catch-22 situation.  While you sometimes wish for another child or a sibling just to keep each other company, if anything – you are also sometimes happy to not have to share your parents with anyone else (and if you are said parent, you sometimes wonder how on Earth you would cope with another child – I speak personally, of course!).  However, this child of mine is really so, so good at entertaining herself – many’s the time I’ve eavesdropped on her while she is playing in her playroom – it’s really quite sweet.  And then of course, like with this photo of her, there are times that she’s not only entertaining herself… she’s entertaining US too!

Here are some close ups:


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  1. Darling photo and such a pretty page. Love that fan–almost looks like she’s holding it!


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