In The End We Are All Just Dreamers | CSI DT

Just look at this amazing image and colour palette of Case File 264 that we have up on the CSI challenge blog today!

And here’s how I solved the case:


I used light grey, white, teal, icy blue and a deep red.

The first thing that struck me on the inspiration image was the distressed look of the walls and the tiles, and this is why I chose to a backing page that has a distressed look and I also distressed all my layers of paper. The shapes on the image drew my eye too – squares and rectangles; I used those shapes on my page and created grid design for my stenciling. I used some script print papers and ephemera to draw in the book element of the image; and I added a little bird. I noted how there was only one bit of red – yet my eye also was drawn to that; so I decided that I wanted to create that same effect on my layout – mostly blue’s and grey’s, with a punch of red; hence the minimal red papers and the red wings.

For my journaling, I chose the prompt “what would you like to find at the end of the rainbow?”

Being an empath can sometimes be a curse; because you FEEL – you really, really feel. While you never know exactly what a person is going through, you have a tendency to understand and empathise. Many’s the time I have sat through a friend or stranger tell their story, only to find myself crying. I wish that at the end of the rainbow, there was a magic wand. A magic wand to take away pain; to understand; to stop fighting; to heal; to soften; to remove all hatred and create so much love … There is a standing joke in this world where a contestant in a beauty pageant says she wants “World Peace”. Well, that’s what I want. If I found that wand, I would wish for world peace. And end to pain and suffering and inconsideration and hatred… I sometimes cannot bear what goes on around us all. No one deserves to be treated badly. No one deserves to be exposed to pain because of how they look or what they believe or where they live. I wish that I could take all of that away. But, as the title of my layout says …. in the end, we are all just dreamers….




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  1. Debbi Tehrani says:

    Beautiful layout and journaling, Lisa-Marie! Your writing always blows me away. Love that sweet photo of your daughter, and those wings!


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