The Joy of Christmas | CSI DT

Hey Ho!

Today I’m sharing with you, how I solved Case File 268 at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration. Here are the clues:

And this is what I created:


Colours : cream, olive, red, charcoal and tawny brown

Evidence : Christmas elements, frames, greenery, Pointsettia’s

Testimony : Inspiration Word – know

This picture was taken when Isabella was a little older than 2. When Christmas was still all fairy tale and wonder. When she didn’t know that Santa isn’t real. Now that she’s 8, that has all changed and it saddens me a little. I think she knows that he’s not real – but a part of her still wants to cling to the magical time that is Christmas. We usually set up the house at the beginning of November already. Although I’m sad that the magical fairy tale element of Christmas has past – the other side of the coin is that she is embracing the real joy of Christmas. She is enthusiastic about setting up all the decorations, shopping for unique gifts – and (most importantly in this house!) spending the day with our family!



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