Sunday Funday | CSI DT

I’ve long been a fan of pink and green (and white!), so I was pretty happy to work on this case at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration!

No photo description available.

Here is what I put together:

I used shades of pink, lime green, grey and white. I was inspired by the flowers, frame and hearts, so added those to my piece. I also wanted to create a ‘mantlepiece’ type of design for my work.

My story comes from the ‘February Writing Prompt’ – “No, I won’t” and “Frozen”.

So… I had noticed over last year, that many people were uploading funny images with add-on’s of sorts. Some I thought were a little crazy or weird or silly. At the time, I vowed that I WON’T ever do it! Cue a new phone with all those funny little add-on’s and you get THIS. A picture of a nay-sayer frozen forevermore in a silly, weird and crazy photo!

Here are some close ups:

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