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At Challenge YOUrself this month, they are hosting a movie themed challenge.

I’m not going to lie… I was somewhat stumped on this one. So I turned to my daughter for help. She immediately suggested ‘Alice In Wonderland: Through The Looking Glass’. When I said ‘Oookay…. well… why?’, she responded with ‘Because things are not always as they seem’.

And WHAMMY! The idea burst forth into my head! I’m very grateful to my creative child! Here’s what I did:

I little while ago, we went to an art exhibition that showcased a few walk-in paintings (I forget the term used for these) and out of the entire batch of photo’s I took – this one remains my favourite. Indeed… everything is NOT as it seems with this one!

Here are some close ups:

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  1. Sharon Fritchman says:

    Hi Lisa-Marie! Your layout is absolutely gorgeous in every way!! I love how your daughter helped you with the Alice in Wonderland and “everything is not as it seems” theme!! So the photo includes YOU in it somewhere, right?!! I know it does, I am just not seeing it. Anyway, thank you so much for joining us at Challenge YOUrself again this month. We are very happy that you did!!! HUGS!


    1. bluebirdscrapper75 says:

      Oh NO!! I messed up with the photo!!!


      1. Sharon Fritchman says:

        No worries!!!! It happens to the best of us, including me! LOL!!!


  2. asajoh13 says:

    Beautiful page and great choice of movie to that picture. I hope we see you next month with YOU in the picture 😉
    Thanks for joining Challenge YOUrself! Hugs Åsa


  3. tarujehkonen says:

    Great photo and awesome page! Thanks for joining Challenge YOUrself!


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