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Hey guys,

This month’s challenge at Scrap The Girls has gone live! Be inspired by a movie of the 90’s – and please head on over to the blog to check out the amazing layouts my fellow DT members have put together!

Here is what I did with this one. My inspiration was My Girl…

The movie was set in the 70’s and that made me think of boho, hippie, etc.; and as such, I added in a bit of a boho feel with the doilies, mandala’s and a few feathers and arrows. The reason I chose that move specifically is because bits of it ring true to my life; we lost my husband suddenly at the end of 2014, so we have had to face a few of the challenges as shown in the movie. Also, there is a line, said by Vada, in the movie that rung true with me “Life isn’t just death. Don’t ignore the living.” I think of that in two ways. First off – don’t ignore ACTUALLY living – live properly and fully and be present. And don’t forget the living – the people you love most, don’t forget to drop them a message, give them an extra hug, kiss them goodbye or hello… tell them you love them. Life is INCREDIBLY short… you need to live and embrace it! This was a very hard lesson that I have had to learn – and I HAVE to pass it on!

Here are some close ups:

Join us, won’t you? Don’t forget to let us know which movie inspired you!

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