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Best Journey | CSI + 2Crafty

I’m so incredibly behind with my postings! I have had some crazy days with home DIY renovations and such – and my house is an absolute mess while I sift through a mountain of STUFF.

Anyway! Today I want to share a page I made for both CSI: Color Stories Inspiration and 2Crafty Chipboard.

I worked with all the colours. My inspiration from the image was to use a floral pattern, stripes, flowers, multicoloured title with stickers that resembled the title of the image and labels.

Challenge YOURself DT

Beautiful Moments | Challenge YOUrself

Time for you to put your Best Face Forward over at Challenge YOUrself – head on over to check out our fun challenge for this month!

I interpreted this challenge as putting your best face forward when dealing with life, in general – thereby creating Beautiful Moments.

2Crafty Chippies, 2Crafty DT, CSI DT Post

Sweetest Biggest Smile | 2Crafty + CSI: Color Stories Inspiration

My second layout for April for 2Crafty Chipboard was done using clues from Case file 352 from CSI: Color Stories Inspiration.

I worked with all the colours. I used a sky background paper to mimic the weather element; and also added on some cloud chippies. I also used some floral paper and added a foliage chippie piece. I did not have a window element, but felt that the film strip chippie closely copied the idea of a window frame.