love your smile | CSI: Color Stories Inspiration

I am simply BESOTTED with the colour palette of the first challenge at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration this month!

May be an image of text that says "CASE FILE NO. 372 DUE-12/04/2021 SOLVE THIS CASE to draw Investigate the nspiration Scene for your layout... Copy the color youfa scheme. Remind story photos? in your 456387 45720 37462 THE SCENE Draw your inspiration. own Inspired by the or scroll style or to the bottom technig or of Steal some details to find traditional our reveal to draw from your stash! clues. Choose one or inspirations. many C.S.I. REPORTER THOMASK BLACK NK CO"

Here is my creation for this one:

I knew that I wanted my base page to have the same sort of ‘scattered’ theme as the wallpaper in the image – so I selected this paper and then once my layered cluster was done, I shaded in some random numbers to frame my cluster.

I worked with all the colours. I used woodgrain paper, stars, circles, starburst and numbers as my inspiration from the image.

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