Memory Lane | Challenge YOUrself

Our March Challenge has gone love at Challenge YOUrself.

We want you to showcase a pet or an animal – along with YOUrself! – in your layout this month. Here is what I created:

When I was little, my daddy introduced me to chameleons; we had a tree in our garden that had 2 of the sweetest babies on it. I used to head out into the garden pretty much every day to sit in front of the tree and talk to and hold these little cuties. Since then, my love for these gorgeous creatures has grown. Then, after my daddy passed in 2018, I would look for signs from him by heading into my garden in search of chameleons, every time I was having one of my very sad moments (which was often!). In the years since he passed and on many searches (including silent begging), I found none. Until THIS late last year, when I found this little baby! I held him and he walked up my arm, then stopped right beside my tattoo of my daddy’s signature! MANY tears were shed through smiles and laughter. I’m so glad to have the opportunity to document this moment through my passion that is scrapbooking!!!!!

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