A Crazy Year of Colour | Challenge YOUrself

Here is our first challenge for 2023 at Challenge YOUrself! The theme is to create a layout about 2022!

I chose to work around the colours of 2022 … The yellow canola fields in our area are just magnificent to behold and a sight I will never, ever grow tired of seeing. The grey, moody clouds in winter (or moods during exam time!). The orange, red, gold and mustard leaves of the autumn vineyards on my doorstep. The pale pink and purple blossoms that surround our home and the vibrant green of new baby leaves in Spring! The varying shades of blue of the sea and white of the sands on our beach visits. The caramel and oat colour of the wheat on our long Sunday drives. The bright green grass of winter-turning-to-summer. The changes in shades of our blue sky, as the seasons melt from one into the other. The rainbows after a storm. The bronze of our skins as we spend the holidays beside the pool.


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