Mix It Up Challenge Blog

Hey again,

Last week I applied to be on the DT for Mix It Up Challenges – and I am SO excited to reveal to you right now that I have made the team!  WHOOP!!!  I shed a few tears and floated around like a LOON the rest of the day!

While I don’t have anything prepared as yet (it goes live on 01 May), I can tell you that this is a VERY exciting challenge site; the world is basically your oyster in terms of what you can make for us.  The challenge runs for a full month – so from the first day to the last day of every month.  On the 5th, winners will be announced.  AND you can enter as many times as you like – just as long as each submission is something different.

Although there are no prizes, you will earn a badge (or two or three!) to put up on your very own blog – bragging rights? Yes please!

So add our blog to your list – and look out for our very first challenge which will go live on the first of May!!!

Always Laugh Always Smile

Hi guys!

First day of a two week school holiday – and I’m SO happy to still be in my jarmies, at 08:15!!  Much to do this week though, as we are going away for a little over a week at the crack of dawn on Saturday!

Anyway, today I want to share the latest case file over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration.  This one is a major case file and as such, also includes a lovely sketch, done by Em of The Nifty Pixel.

Here is the single page LO I made for this case:


Scheme : all there

Evidence : stripes, flowers, wood, frames, triangle, circular element

Testimony : Prompt idea – what was your funniest moment

We need to laugh at ourselves; we really do.  Even in those incredibly embarrassing moments.  A few weeks back, I was walking around a clothing store when suddenly I bumped into someone, I turned to apologise profusely, until I realised I was apologising to a mannequin.  No one saw it happen – but a few heads turned when I burst out into the most raucous laugh.  It was one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments.  Life is very short; how boring it would be if we didn’t laugh every single day.

IMG_5561_edited-1 copy

IMG_5562_edited-1 copy









My Wings Return

A little while ago, one of my favourite scrapping friends, my soul sister, sent me a RAK with a few divine scrapping goodies.  Amongst them was a selection of chippies of feathers ad the phrase I used below in my take on the mood board over at Mixed Media Place.

The phrase is especially poignant for me, as it resonates with the my journey towards ‘recovering’ from losing my husband suddenly in November 2014.  My art has certainly helped in this.  Here is what I put together.  It is dark and sombre, which represents my mood and mindset in the beginning, but the brightness of the colours I have used represents the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.







Happy Place

I have three posts to share with you today!

First up, is a Mixed Media canvas I did for the Mixed Media World March moodboard.

It’s a stunner, isn’t it!  And so befitting, because today is a particularly chilly day in Cape Town and I’m literally shivering as I type this!  Seems that Autumn is well and truly on its way and I think that we have a cold and wet season ahead of us.

I decided to make a little canvas for this one.  I’ve used the title “Happy Place” because the colder seasons are my absolute favourite – my happy place.  Here is what I made.








Namaste | Art Journal

Hi guys,

Another first time challenge entry post from me today!  This time it’s for Our Mixed Media Moods:

And here is the mood board challenge:

I decided to do an art journal page for this one.  I had a vision in my head of what I wanted to do, and then it ended up looking entirely different!  This was, however, one of those happy accidents, the end result of which I’m pretty happy with.  Here’s my entry:


IMG_5824_edited-1 copy

IMG_5825_edited-1 copy













I have had some people ask me how I achieved certain looks or what products I used, so (if I remember!) from my next post I will provide you with more of those details.

Thanks so much for popping in to have a closer look at my work!

It’s A Heart Thing | Ivytree Studio

It’s quite safe to say that the art journal bug has well and truly bitten me – and I hope that there is no cure!

Today I want to share with you, an art journal page which I did using fussy cut elements from the decadent Love range, which Ivytree Studio launched recently. I cannot tell you exactly which of the stunning hand painted elements is my favourite; but what I can tell you is that when I look at it, I think of soft pink marshmallows and of rich hot cocoa with a frothy melted marshmallow and of slightly melted vanilla ice cream with a rich strawberry sauce.  The colour palette for this range is just beautiful!

As you can see, not all the pretty papers are showcased in my mixed media art journal page – so you really must head on over the web page to take a good look – you can find the range here. And please don’t forget to scroll right down, where you will also find links to where you can hook up with us via Facebook and share with us, your very own Ivytree Studio works of art!









The papers I used for this piece are:

172/3 Endearment

172/5 Flower Accents

172/8 Pretty Pocket Cards

172/11 Candy Ombre

Additional materials – modge / mixed media gel, gesso, inks, adhesive

Visit Ivytree Studio to see more of what they are up to: www.ivytreestudio.co.za

Buy some of their pretty paper here

Connect with the team on their Facebook page here.

Share your Ivytree Studio layouts with us here


Totally Amazing | Ivytree Studio

There are just so many beautiful (hand painted!) elements in this range – Seize The Day; and for this LO, I decided to go with a theme of butterflies, polka dots and succulents. As luck would have it, the photographs I decided to use, matched in very well with the papers too!

Remember that in the Seize The Day range, there are MANY papers to choose from, so don’t forget to scroll down for the list of the papers that I used (so you know what to buy online!!) and follow the direct link above which will take you straight to the online range. Below, you will also find links to where you can hook up with us via Facebook and share with us, your very own Ivytree Studio works of art!











The papers I used for this piece are:

171/1 Seize The Day

171/3 Both sides – Turquoise Flutter & Fly High Script

171/5 Wordy Delights

171/12 Both sides – Schoolfrock Speckles & Pretty Washi

171/13 Blackboard Speckles

171/15 Flora Accents

171/19 Blackboard Charcoal

171/21 Apple Red


Additional materials – various adhesives, glitter glue, chippie title

Visit Ivytree Studio to see more of what they are up to: www.ivytreestudio.co.za

Buy some of their pretty paper here

Connect with the team on their Facebook page here.

Share your Ivytree Studio layouts with us here


Gorgeous | Ivytree Studio

I have this picture of Isabella which I took a few years back; we were sitting in a restaurant and I loved the colouring inside the restaurant – it completely matched the colours of the pincushions on our table (which is my absolute favourite flower). So I decided that it was high time I scrapped it – particularly as the colours of the colours would work SO well with the colours in Ivytree Studio’s Seize The Day range.

I’ve included the link above which will take you directly to the online shop, where you can purchase the pretty papers directly (and below is a list of the papers I used for this project). Included also, below, are direct links to our website and also our Facebook page.  We LOVE hearing from you and we LOVE seeing the projects you created with Ivytree Studio papers – so please share, share, share!











The papers I used to create my single page layout was:

171/8 Stay Focused

171/12 Flora Accents

171/14 Charcoal Speckles

171/15 Flora Accents

171/17 Schoolyard Green

171/18 Schoolfrock Turquoise

171/20 New Year Shimmer

Visit Ivytree Studio to see more of what they are up to: www.ivytreestudio.co.za

Buy some of their pretty paper here

Connect with the team on their Facebook page here.

Share your Ivytree Studio layouts with us here