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9 Birthdays | CSI

Our August Cold Case file at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration has gone live; and it’s another beaut!

No photo description available.

I immediately thought of this image as one of birthdays and / or milestones. And seeing as how my daughter has recently celebrated her 9th birthday, I went ahead and took total advantage of that theme! Here’s what I created:

I used most of the colours in the inspiration image for this one.
I used a number as part of my title and sentiment. This photograph is of my daughter just before her birthday party started. Inspiration I drew from the image was polka dots, birthday elements, and a grid design.

Here are a few more images taken of my layout:

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Enjoy Good Times | CSI

What a sweet inspiration image for our second reveal for August, at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration:

No photo description available.

This image just gave me holiday and relaxation vibes – so I went with that as my ‘theme’.

I used blue, white, pink, yellow and green.
For my overall design, I tried to ‘copy’ the design of the inspiration image, basing it as a rectangle. I used proteas and other flowers, just as in the image and I also used stripes, stitching a frame and I did a bit of a watercoloured background. The photograph is also a bit of a play on the image – my daughter with her relaxed pose and hat! My journalling is based on the IW – Dream

On the second or third day of our holiday in the Cederberg earlier this year, you made your way down to the shallow river in front of our chalet and popped yourself into your floatie… you sat there for quite some time and all I kept wondering was what on earth you were thinking about.. what dreams you were dreaming… what ponderings you were pondering…

Here are some additional pics of this layout:

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Oh Baby | CSI DT Post

We have some yummy purple up amongst the stunning colour palette and beautiful mood board, today over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration!

No photo description available.

Yummy, right???

Here is how I solved this case:

My colour palette includes black and white, pink, purple and a splash of gold.

I drew inspiration from the stripes, flowers, leaves and twigs and added those to my layout. My title has slanted script, just like the main part of the title of the inspiration image. I had some chippies that looked really close to the flower print on one of the hot air balloons and the girls dress – so I added them to my layout too. I spattered with a little gold mist and also incorporated some gold elements. As the inspiration image has a fashion theme, I decided to scrap (and journal) about my daughter’s sudden fashion sense awareness!

I’m just LOVING this next phase in your growth! I am no longer able to shop for you, as you have already developed your own taste – which I keep on getting wrong, so best I just give up already!

Here are some more images:

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Grateful | CSI DT

We have a lovely nautical themed Case File for you to play along with at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration.

No photo description available.

Here is what I put together for this challenge:

I used dotty and striped paper in my layering; and a wet medium on my background to create splashes to fit in with the theme. I was inspired by the circles of the portholes, trees and life savers, so I added in some circular chipboard pieces. Lastly, I was inspired by the arched windows and so I added a tag of similar shape. All my chipboard pieces are from 2Crafty Chipboard.

I worked with 2 shades of light blue, navy blue, white and red.

My journalling is the inspiration word ‘gift’.

Shortly after my beloved cat was killed last year, I received a private message from a Facebook friend in Australia. She kindly, generously, amazingly offered to have some of my cats ashes set in a pendant, in resin. I was completely floored and touched by this kindness shown to me – by someone who barely knows me and someone I may never meet. This is definitely one of the most special and treasured gifts I will ever receive.

Here are some close ups:

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Dream | CSI DT

I JUST love this month’s Cold Case File!! Take a look:

No photo description available.

How adorable is this picture?! Here is what I put together:

As you can see, I tried to recreate the image as best I can, into my layout. It was so much fun working on this one! I loved the vibrancy mixed together with the more subtle shades. I was so excited to find some chipboard flowers in my 2Crafty stash that closely resembled the flowers in the picture! My pretty title is also from 2Crafty.

Here are some closeups:

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Sweet Memories | CSI DT

Everything about Case File 288 just smacks of deliciously edible! It was easy for me to stick to the theme of this challenge, seeing as how my daughter has a weak spot for anything ice-cream related!

No photo description available.

Here is the layout I created to solve this case.

I used pink, teal, white, chocolate brown and cantaloupe. I was inspired by the dots, so I used some papers with a dotty print. I also used some stripes to break the dotty pattern and then I added an ice-cream element to finish off. My lovely title chippie is from 2Crafty.

My journaling contains the IW ‘best’.

Without a doubt, ice-cream in any form is your absolute favourite! Come rain or shine, you will find a way to get it into your mouth! On this particular day, it was rather chilly and a bit rainy, but that didn’t matter to you! Just look at that happy face!

Here are some close ups:

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Perfection | CSI DT

Debbi has managed to find one of the most colourful holiday inspired images I have EVER seen for Case File 286, over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration!

No photo description available.

Awesome, right?! There is just so much to see in this image that you are totally spoiled for choice where being inspired is concerned! Here’s what I created:

So… I was drawn immediately to the centre of the image – the polka dot costume; so I decided that I wanted that element to be the centre of my layout too – hence the spotty base page. I also grabbed some tropical elements from my ephemera stash (palm tree, tropical bird) and my 2Crafty Chipboard pieces (Delicious Monster Leaves and Sun burst styled flowers), and tucked those in and around my layered cluster. I used stripey and floral print paper, as well as some wave-print paper too. My title is also from 2Crafty Chipboard.

My journalling / story stems from the word ‘rock’. During our January holidays this year, we spent a week in the Cederberg. On one of the days, we took a gentle hike and headed out to some rock pools very near where we stayed. There were the most gorgeous pools, waterfalls and animal life. It was incredibly quiet and just the perfect way to completely relax.

Here are some more images of my piece:

HERE is the Facebook link to upload your entry.

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Love Ya To Bits | CSI DT

I’m utterly besotted with Cold Case File 287 at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration this month. Have a look:

Image may contain: 1 person

Honestly… I wish I knew where Debbi finds them! 🙂 Anyway, here is the layout I created for this one:

The whimsy of the inspiration image is just too divine! I decided to work with light denim blue, teal, bronze, white, neutral beige. I wanted to re-create the portal effect of the image, so I popped a 2Crafty frame on top of my photograph. The curly bits of the frame also copy the curly hair of the lady in the image. Further, I added some lace ephemera to echo the lace on the dress and then I used paper with map print, word print and wave print – all to fit in with the overall theme of the image. I popped on a 2Crafty title that I thought matched this photograph to a T!

Here are some close up images:

Remember to upload your entries to Facebook – here is the link.

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Cherished Family Memories | CSI DT

Check out Case File 285 at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration…. I wish that this room was in my home… Trouble is it won’t be as neat all the time!

No photo description available.

The colours are awesome… I used deep navy, bright yellow, light grey, black and white. Here’s my piece:

I decided to use a dark background – as is the case of the dark wall in the inspiration image as well. I also wanted my yellow elements to be super bright (as in the image), but just a pop here and a pop there. I loved the geometric style design on that one pillow, so I added some geometric elements to my layers. I also couldn’t take my eyes off the little basket under the table with the chevron design – and was pleased to find some 2Crafty chipboard that matches that design, absolutely spot on. I also added lots of stripey paper to echo the rug and I used the beautiful 2Crafty title chippie to document a weekend that truly was a Cherished Family Memory!

My journaling / story comes from a ‘June Prompt’ – namely, “What Fills You”. Well, I live for family time – whether we are out and about for the day, for an hour or for a weekend – OR whether we are simply lounging around at home watching movies or cooking a delicious meal together as a family. I love the chats and the laughter and the joking and even the more serious conversations. It all allows me to touch base again with everyone after a usually crazy-busy week. It’s like a recharge for all of us and it fills me up knowing that we always know what’s happening in each others’ lives and not living like ships in the night.

And here are some close ups:

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Beauty | CSI DT

Have a look at this gorgeous colour palette that Debbi has put together at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration:

No photo description available.

Here is how I solved the case:

I used orange, cantaloupe, avocado green, white and teal. I was inspired by the stripey wall paper and the little tree on the hill – so I added a few fussy cut leaves and twigs. I also adore the scrolled legs of the little white table, so I used a heavily scrolled chipboard frame from 2 Crafty. I added a butterfly to fit in with the ‘creature’ theme and then I used a 2 Crafty cursive title, which I made in bright white to let it really pop.

Here are some close ups: