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Believe In The Magic Of Christmas

Hey there from a rather hot Cape Town!

Today I’m sharing the layout I created for the December challenge that is up on the More Than Words challenge blog:

Here is what I did with this month’s challenge:

I did some stamping behind my photo and layered cluster, and then I also stamped a frame all around the edges of my page.

My inspiration behind the word believe – is in this picture!  My daughter is now 8 and a half and doesn’t believe in Santa anymore.  Part of me is sad, but I have told her that although he doesn’t exist – the magic that surrounds everything about Christmas, still does.  I just LOVE Christmas and I love that I can pass this love and enthusiasm on to her… allowing her to believe that it truly is an absolutely magical time of year!

Here are some close ups:

Thanks for visiting!


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Wherever You Go, Go With All Your Heart

Hello there fellow artists.

I have five layouts which I will share with you today – so brace yourselves.  I’ve been super busy this week in my art room – and today I decided that I’d better make a start with uploading my challenge entries!

First up is the challenge at More Than Words:

So, the word future.  When I see or hear the word, I immediately think of my daughter, Isabella; and what the future might have in store for her.  You so often hear parents say (me included!) – Oh stop getting so big or Oh I wish to have you as a baby for just one day.  The thing is – I’m really enjoying watching her grow; and I love how well she’s doing at school and how her personality is evolving every day.  I find myself giddy with excitement at the prospect of being forefront of witnessing her future develop.  I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!




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You’re My Sunshine

My next creation is for the challenge at More Than Words.

I wanted to make this a bright and cheery layout – as that is the inspiration I took from the challenge photograph.  I also love the depth of field in the photograph, so I chose a background page that had the same kind of DOF feel to it.  I used several bright colours in my layout, most of which I took from the photograph as well.






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Cherish Yesterday

Hi friends!

Today I want to share my layout for the August Challenge at More Than Words:

Here my layout for this one.

I used the word yesterday in my title.  The photograph was taken on my (maternal) grandparents’ wedding day; it’s sepia and has been coloured in (which, I think, was all the rage back then).  I think that this photograph will be 71 years old on the 1st of January 2019. A long, long time ago.  So many memories!  Imagine – if this event did not take place, I would not exist!

I used some antique keys, an antique camera printed on a tag and some antique looking scroll work chippies.  I just loved working on this and I’m really pleased with how it turned out.





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Love This Journey

I really love taking part in the challenges at More Than Words – they really allow you to think outside the box – and also, personally, I tend to move out of my comfort zones – in varying degrees.  I think this is a good thing, as I sometimes really get stuck in a rut where my scrapping is concerned.

ANYWAY! June’s challenge over at More Than Words is one of those where I’m a tad out of my comfort zone.  Check it out:

You have to use a map or elements of it, somewhere on your piece and you have to be inspired by the word ‘journey’.

Here’s the story behind my piece:

I have incorporated some paper that show maps and also compasses.  As for inspiration behind the word – well, as cliche as it sounds – I really do think that life is a journey.  I decided to use these images of my boyfriend and I, because I really am enjoying this life journey with him.  I’ve known him for about 20 years; but it was only 3 years ago (after my husband’s passing), that we hooked up.  It was all rather odd, surreal, strange; we didn’t socialise all that much (he stayed a short distance from us), but one night I decided to have a little gathering and, for some reason, invited him.  We hooked up that night and the rest is history. It was incredibly challenging in the beginning – going from friends to more-than-friends, but it has been worth it.  He’s made my “new” life’s journey so much fun and filled it with an incredible love.

Okay – so on to my layout for this challenge!


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Making Memories Together

Hi everyone.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted.

As mentioned previously, this year has been a really rough one for my family and I.  After my precious daddy was diagnosed with lung cancer on the 4th of January, he had a stroke on the 9th of March and then left us on the 15th of March.  As sudden as his cancer diagnosis was, the stroke really floored us all.  It’s been a very, very trying time for us and we are still battling.  Personally, I am still in denial.

With that said, I have pretty much locked myself away in my scrapping room since mid-March and crafted away.  Both as my own personal form of therapy – and because I had fallen behind on a lot of my design team commitments, which I didn’t enjoy at all.  So now, I’m ahead of myself with my commitments and free to play along with a batch of online challenges.

First up, is my take on the challenge over at More Than Words – this is what it looks like:

If you’re a regular follower of my blog (and my life in general!) you will know that I have been incorporating a lot of photo’s of my daughter with my late husband in my pieces – I’m so scared that she will forget him or rather, aspects of him, as she was not even 4-and-a-half when he passed…  Also, in this day and age where everything is social media, technology and / or digitally based – homes in the future of my child’s generation will not necessarily have all the physical photo’s of memories which were made!  I hate that!  When I grew up, we had walls FULL of photo’s of us at various ages or stages!

So, with that said, I used a photograph of Isabella and Travers taken when we were out and about with her – they were looking at and discussing some birds in a tree and I really love how natural they are in the photograph.  As frames, I dug into my pile of chippie frames that I have – I do tend to keep them as I feel they make great additions to any layout – or card, tag, canvas, etc.!!

Here is what I put together for this challenge, I hope you like it:

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Life is About Moments


I’ve been pretty busy this week, churning out several projects; three of which I want to share today (the rest are future dated DT commitments, so you’ll have to wait for those!)

First up, is the November challenge at More Than Words – here is the direct link.  And here is the image inspiration:

The theme for this month is Outdoors and Woodgrain.  I was pretty excited (and immediately inspired) when this popped up, as I am a sucker for wood.  Honestly, I love the stuff and even have a stash of driftwood sitting in a bowl in my home!

I drew inspiration not only from the beautiful woodgrain image supplied by MTW, but also by the whole nature aspect of it; which is what I incorporated into my piece with both embellishments and paper designs / patterns.  My boyfriend brought me some super thin strips of wood laminate he’d used on some furniture he made; and I decided to incorporate some of it in my layout as well.  The photograph I used is of Isabella and I – outdoors – on a lovely chilly day.  I took colours from my photo and also used their earthiness in my piece as well; and I also used a touch of teal, per the inspiration image on the MTW site.

Here’s what I put together:






Thanks for stopping by!

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Perfect Day


Today I am sharing three separate projects – which are for four separate challenges.  I’m happy to be ahead of myself for a bit; this is a rather rare occurrence, so I might as well make use of my time to fiddle around in my art room.

First up is the beautiful challenge that is up for the month of August at More Than Words .

I love this image…

And here is what I did (and yes I know that I’ve scrapped this image before – but I do so love it!).


This photograph is my partner and I (finally!) dancing in harmony.  See, I’m used to doing the leading (my late husband’s instruction), that it proved to be a challenge to dance with someone who themselves is a born leader!  We finally got into synch with each other and our nuances (mostly my little hip throw!) and now we dance amazingly together – I just can’t get enough of dancing with this man and I’m thrilled beyond that we finally got it right!

As for the song title – I love this song – Perfect Day.  The lyrics ring true with how I feel about my partner.  It’s a song that is in my head at least once a week, for some reason.  That said, there are MANY songs that ring true about how I feel – I just settled on this one because it takes up so much space in my head 🙂

Here are some close ups.


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Explore. Laugh. Dream.

And lastly, my take on the challenge for July at More Than Words .

I was quite inspired by the colours in the image – but I wanted to make mine ‘lighter’, so I worked more with white.  As my daughter gets older, she is getting wiser and more aware – exploring life in general; learning all about actions and consequences.  My dream for her is to continue endlessly exploring every aspect of life – regardless of the outcome … for with every result comes a lesson learnt.  Never ever stop learning, exploring, playing, laughing and dreaming.






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U Make My Heart Flutter

Next up is a mixed media oval canvas, which I did for the March challenge over at More Than Words.  It is just so incredibly PRETTY!

Butterflies are one of natures’ most miraculous and beautiful creatures; I have plenty in my garden currently and it’s so calming to watch as they literally waft from flower to flower.

For this canvas, I decided to scrap a photograph of my Isabella holding onto a butterfly – and I also found this title chippie which I thought fit in so cleverly with the butterfly theme too!

Here is the canvas I made over the past few days; along with a few close up images:






IMG_5635_edited-1 copy