Always Laugh Always Smile

Hi guys!

First day of a two week school holiday – and I’m SO happy to still be in my jarmies, at 08:15!!  Much to do this week though, as we are going away for a little over a week at the crack of dawn on Saturday!

Anyway, today I want to share the latest case file over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration.  This one is a major case file and as such, also includes a lovely sketch, done by Em of The Nifty Pixel.

Here is the single page LO I made for this case:


Scheme : all there

Evidence : stripes, flowers, wood, frames, triangle, circular element

Testimony : Prompt idea – what was your funniest moment

We need to laugh at ourselves; we really do.  Even in those incredibly embarrassing moments.  A few weeks back, I was walking around a clothing store when suddenly I bumped into someone, I turned to apologise profusely, until I realised I was apologising to a mannequin.  No one saw it happen – but a few heads turned when I burst out into the most raucous laugh.  It was one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments.  Life is very short; how boring it would be if we didn’t laugh every single day.

IMG_5561_edited-1 copy

IMG_5562_edited-1 copy









Gorgeous | Ivytree Studio

I have this picture of Isabella which I took a few years back; we were sitting in a restaurant and I loved the colouring inside the restaurant – it completely matched the colours of the pincushions on our table (which is my absolute favourite flower). So I decided that it was high time I scrapped it – particularly as the colours of the colours would work SO well with the colours in Ivytree Studio’s Seize The Day range.

I’ve included the link above which will take you directly to the online shop, where you can purchase the pretty papers directly (and below is a list of the papers I used for this project). Included also, below, are direct links to our website and also our Facebook page.  We LOVE hearing from you and we LOVE seeing the projects you created with Ivytree Studio papers – so please share, share, share!











The papers I used to create my single page layout was:

171/8 Stay Focused

171/12 Flora Accents

171/14 Charcoal Speckles

171/15 Flora Accents

171/17 Schoolyard Green

171/18 Schoolfrock Turquoise

171/20 New Year Shimmer

Visit Ivytree Studio to see more of what they are up to:

Buy some of their pretty paper here

Connect with the team on their Facebook page here.

Share your Ivytree Studio layouts with us here





Hi everyone!

Today I have four projects to share with you.  Some were completed last week already, but I have just not had a moment to photograph them, then edit and and and…

Anyway. My first one is for the latest Scrap The Girls challenge; I’ve not taken part on this blog before (goodness alone knows why, because it is RIGHT up my alley).

Here is the criteria for the challenge:

And this is the SPLO I created:








Love This Happy Space | CSI DT

Hi everyone,

It’s been a bit of an all fall down week for me – only because my daughter has not been well at all and as such, has been home with me for two days.  Not fun for either of us.


Today I want to share with you, the latest case up for investigation over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration!

Divine, isn’t it??

Here is how I solved the case:


Scheme : all there

Evidence : polka dots, animals/bugs, plants

Testimony : write about what makes you happy

The moment I step into my little art and creating space, the most indescribable calm washes over me.  I do, quite literally, smile, relax my shoulders and exhale rather deeply.  I really can’t say exactly what it is about this room that makes me so happy.  Is it the smell of all the paper?  Is it the sound of my mists as they spray upon a page or creation?  Is it the open window before me that I find myself staring out into as I wait for inspiration to take hold?  Is it reliving the memories in the photographs that I am scrapbooking?  Or is it merely a combination of each, which ultimately culminates into a page or a canvas?

And here are some close ups of this one:










Magical Moments

Hi everyone,

And here we are with another full admin day.  Little do non-scrappers know how much admin is required… taking pics, editing pics, drafting the blog post, sharing to social media… sounds like just a wee bit of time, but believe me it can be quite time consuming.  And if you’re like me where you’d rather be arting… well, then you must know how grumpy this all makes me.

Anyway!  On to better things!  And as such, the latest mood board challenge that Scrapping Clearly have up for March (I will be doing the sketch challenge at a later stage):

When I looked at this mood board, I was immediately drawn to the blue’s; and also to the fact that it had a wet and wintry feel to it.  I decided to use lots of water and mists on my piece; and also scrap a selfie of Isabella and I, taken in the thick of our winter last year.  Here’s what I did:














Two {little} Peas | CSI DT

And here we go with my second take on the CSI: Color Stories Inspiration Case File NO 225!

And this is what I threw together for my next journaling prompt!


Scheme : all there

Evidence : stars, something that flies, triangles, circles, diamond shape

Testimony : prompt idea – which relative do you resemble most in personality?

My Popsicle, of course!  Given half the chance, he will tell you (and your family, friends and neighbour) that not only am I so much like him, but I (apparently!) also LOOK just like him.  The jury is still out on the latter…

But as for the former, well yes.  I’m most like my dad.  I have some of mom’s traits (and look more like her – sorry daddy!); but a lot of me is my dad.  We tend to prefer keeping the peace, than facing confrontation.  We don’t like to delegate – AT ALL – and that is because we both know that we can do the task best (apparently).  We have a good sense of humour – and we are both able to laugh at ourselves.  We are both quite cheeky (although I will let daddy take the lead on that one!).  We’re both utterly ridiculously affectionate and we both JUST love to love!  We both like beer (oh wait, is that a personality trait??).  Neither of us like any form of fighting or animosity.  We both like to be right and sometimes can have great difficulty backing down (ok wait wait wait… that’s more him than me!)  We are both very, very social and outgoing; we prefer to go out for a drive or to a market or a fair, rather than sit home on a weekend.  For the most part, I think that we both like to find the humour or the positive side to life.  I think that’s a good thing – it’s got me very, very far in this life of mine!











All Our Yesterdays | CSI DT

So my second (and third!) post today is for the latest challenge over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration – Case File Number 225.   The reason there are TWO posts for this particular case file is because I couldn’t decide between two of the Testimonies (i.e. journal prompts), so went with both!

As you can see, this case file comes with a gorgeous sketch from our very own, very gorgeous, Em of The Nifty Pixel!

And here is the first SPLO I did for this case:


Scheme : all there

Evidence : stripes, something that flies, circles

Testimony : prompt idea – what do you collect?

Well… it’s pretty obvious, if you think about it… I collect MEMORIES!  I think that, that is a big part of what life is about.  Head on out on an adventure – no matter how big or small.  Create memories to look back on.  I hope that one day Isabella will cherish the ones I’ve made into scrapbooks, canvases, etc. for her!

I must drive people NUTS with the amount of Instagram photo’s or FB timeline shares I post – but it’s not really for their benefit – it’s for MINE.  I love heading onto FB to see ‘on this day’… I love how these memories, long since gathering dust in the back of a shelf in my head, can crop up and suddenly there you are, back to that very moment 8, 9 or 10 years ago. I LOVE it!

Collecting memories might not in the physical sense (unless you count the scrapbooks and artwork!), but to me, it definitely IS something I collect – daily!  There is no end in sight for this one!