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Today I want to share an SPLO I did as my own personal submission into the September challenge over at White.. with 1 – the colour this month is ‘Soul Pea’.  This colour is amongst three of my absolute favourites, so it is safe to say that I LOVED working on my LO!  Here is what I did:







Here is the link again to the challenge, and this is the colour and mood board they have also provided:


Treasured Moments | CSI DT

And for my second post, I want to share my take on Case File 237 over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration.

Scheme : all there

Evidence : grid pattern, triangles, washi tape, frame

Testimony : can teach idea prompt – when are you happiest

This photo was taken on a mom and daughter day out during the July school holidays.  I have many ‘spaces’ where I am at my happiest; but by far and wide, I am utmost happiest when I get to spend one-on-one girls-day-out quality time with you.  We do end up doing things together here at home; but it’s just different when we are away or out, doing absolute girly things (mostly shopping!).  Your character is becoming sweeter by the day – and it makes me happy to see you grow, change and mature.  You are madly perceptive as well, and this really warms mommy’s heart.  It is my greatest wish that we continue to be close, that you continue to trust me with your innermost secrets and desires and that you know, always, that I am here for you.

Here is the challenge:

You can see that there is another lovely sketch by Em of The Nifty Pixel.

Here are some additional images of my work:

Love What You Have

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Today I want to share with you, my take on the colour palette over at Words & Paintery.  This is what I created:


I decided to do a bit of mixed media with this one, and my background has mists, inks, distress inks and a pearlised texture paint as well.

The link to the August challenge is here – and the colour palette is:










Just be Yourself


My second LO to share today is one that I did for the August Challenge over at Off The Rails scrapbooking.  This is the first time I’ve taken part in one of their challenges – and I simply adore their mood board!

I have also entered this LO into the latest Scrap Affairs competition.

Here are some close ups:


I created my background using distress oxides.



A few months ago, I was watching video tutorials by Maremi’s Art and one of them showed how to make flowers from wet wipes.  I had used two wet wipes for this project to clean my craft mat and decided to give it a try – the wipes looked too pretty to just be thrown away!  I cut concentric circles and then dried them with the heat gun until the “melted” and curled up.  The results are amazing – THANK YOU Maremi!!


I’m a bit of a ‘thrifty’ scrapper and tend to keep all sorts of odds and ends for my pieces.  One such ‘find’ is using Styrofoam punnets, cut down to size, as a matting for my photograph or to add between all my layering!  It works a treat!


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Talk Talk Talk | CSI DT

Hi all!!

Today I’d like to share with you, my take on Case File 236 over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration.


The case file looks like this:

Scheme : all there

Evidence : polka dots, gold

Testimony : I used a Sunday Stealing prompt – the last telephone conversation you had (not today, but on the day I completed the project!)

In the first week of our recent school holidays, you went with Ummie and Uppie to Langebaan (that was a whole FOUR sleeps away from momma – you were better at it than I was!).  While you were away, you phoned me each and every single day – and towards the end, up to three times a day.  We chatted endlessly about the most random things – what you did, what I did, what you ate, what I ate, what time I went to bed, what time YOU went to bed, how naughty Uppie was, all the presents you got – EVERY DAY!  It certainly did make it easier for me when I spoke to you – but at the same time, at the end of every conversation, I was feeling a little bereft.  I think that you were too, because on the last two days, our conversations were ended with a few tears.

Here are some close up images of my piece.









Perfect Day


Today I am sharing three separate projects – which are for four separate challenges.  I’m happy to be ahead of myself for a bit; this is a rather rare occurrence, so I might as well make use of my time to fiddle around in my art room.

First up is the beautiful challenge that is up for the month of August at More Than Words .

I love this image…

And here is what I did (and yes I know that I’ve scrapped this image before – but I do so love it!).


This photograph is my partner and I (finally!) dancing in harmony.  See, I’m used to doing the leading (my late husband’s instruction), that it proved to be a challenge to dance with someone who themselves is a born leader!  We finally got into synch with each other and our nuances (mostly my little hip throw!) and now we dance amazingly together – I just can’t get enough of dancing with this man and I’m thrilled beyond that we finally got it right!

As for the song title – I love this song – Perfect Day.  The lyrics ring true with how I feel about my partner.  It’s a song that is in my head at least once a week, for some reason.  That said, there are MANY songs that ring true about how I feel – I just settled on this one because it takes up so much space in my head 🙂

Here are some close ups.


Explore. Laugh. Dream.

And lastly, my take on the challenge for July at More Than Words .

I was quite inspired by the colours in the image – but I wanted to make mine ‘lighter’, so I worked more with white.  As my daughter gets older, she is getting wiser and more aware – exploring life in general; learning all about actions and consequences.  My dream for her is to continue endlessly exploring every aspect of life – regardless of the outcome … for with every result comes a lesson learnt.  Never ever stop learning, exploring, playing, laughing and dreaming.