Perfect Day


Today I am sharing three separate projects – which are for four separate challenges.  I’m happy to be ahead of myself for a bit; this is a rather rare occurrence, so I might as well make use of my time to fiddle around in my art room.

First up is the beautiful challenge that is up for the month of August at More Than Words .

I love this image…

And here is what I did (and yes I know that I’ve scrapped this image before – but I do so love it!).


This photograph is my partner and I (finally!) dancing in harmony.  See, I’m used to doing the leading (my late husband’s instruction), that it proved to be a challenge to dance with someone who themselves is a born leader!  We finally got into synch with each other and our nuances (mostly my little hip throw!) and now we dance amazingly together – I just can’t get enough of dancing with this man and I’m thrilled beyond that we finally got it right!

As for the song title – I love this song – Perfect Day.  The lyrics ring true with how I feel about my partner.  It’s a song that is in my head at least once a week, for some reason.  That said, there are MANY songs that ring true about how I feel – I just settled on this one because it takes up so much space in my head 🙂

Here are some close ups.



6 thoughts on “Perfect Day

  1. Simply GORGEOUS Lisa Marie. I can see the harmony and love the song and lyrics you have used. Thanks for joining in with us at More Than Words. x


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