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Hi there!

Today at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration, Case File 261 promises to please! The colour palette is fantastic – really, really!


I used white, sage green, dark sage green, coral and red.

I loved the leaves in the inspiration image, so I carried them through to my layout, along with some pretty flowers.  My eye was also drawn to the calendar, so to mimic that design, I chose paper that had a brick print and I also used a stencil with a grid design.  To incorporate an animal in my piece, I chose two flamingos (which befits the image – it was taken at my daughter’s Flamingo themed birthday party recently!).  My eye also went to the wire from the laptop, and for that, I decided to have a bit of a loopy title.

My journaling comes from the IW’s – organise and idea.

I always get a bit of a ‘rev’ from family and friends regarding Isabella’s birthday parties – I guess that should come as no surprise, as I do tend to plan and organise them at least a year in advance!  This year’s theme changed three times….  So yes, I have goodies for two other themes, before we settled on the idea to have a flamingo party.  Needless to say it was an absolute hit – not just with my child, but also with all her friends.  Oh, and yes… her party for next year has been planned and items have been bought… and YES … for her birthday in 2020 too…..




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