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CSI’s Case File 263 has an incredible Autumn themed mood board for you to work with.  As Autumn is my favourite time of year (Mother Nature’s best artwork!), I was very excited to work on this one!


I used a sage/khaki green, orange, palest grey, soft yellow and a deep chocolate brown (think bitter chocolate!)

I was inspired by the textures of this mood board, so I incorporated some textured kraft paper and some elements that had a basket print or feel.  I used some ephemera and paper that had book print and I added a few flowers and leaves that matched the colour scheme.  I was also inspired by the round shapes in the moodboard, and as such, incorporated some circular elements on my page as well.

As inspiration for my journalling, I chose an October Prompt – “describe your last life-changing event”.

On the 14th of August, this kitty of mine died.  My dog attacked her completely out of the blue in an unprovoked attack.  I witnessed every second of it and was left with my beloved kitty’s blood on my hands.  I was not able to get to her so that I could just hold her towards the end, and I don’t know if I will ever be able to really get over that.  The event has changed the dynamics in our house.  The dog that attacked her is my absolute best boy – so I am completely torn right now; and we are left with so many questions.  They got on like a house on fire – so much so that most people visiting us would remark on it.  They slept together and she showed him endless love; the two of them would follow me around wherever I went.  Pirate cat came to me in 2005 and since then has been at my side when I needed her the most.  Purring in my face, rubbing against my face or my legs, having little conversations with me and fetching me when her water bowl was empty.  She’d sit beside me in my scrapping room – often right on top of the papers I was working with.  Losing her has meant that a part of me is lost too.  I still cannot believe it and I know that this is one of those events that is going to take a little while to heal.  For the most part, I am ok … but I still look for her and when she’s just not there, the tears come.  We have all lost a pet – and I know that there are 100’s of people who can relate – this in itself brings comfort.  Life has changed in losing her.  Life will change now as we begin a journey with trying to figure out how to ‘fix’ my dog; to find out if he’s ill or … well, we just don’t know.  We may never will – but I do hope that we can figure this all out.  It’s very scary and somewhat daunting.  To be torn between trying to mourn my cat and not knowing what’s going on with my dog… it’s right up there with one of the hardest scenario’s I’ve been dealt with.

RIP my beloved Pirate.  I will love and MISS you forever.  Mommy’s little girl.





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  1. Aww, Lisa-Marie, what an awful thing to happen :-(. I can understand how this incident changes the dynamics of your household. I’m sure you love(d) both your cat and your dog. Trusting your dog will now be a big hurdle to overcome. I’m so sorry for the loss of your sweet Pirate :-(.
    As for your layout, bittersweet as it is, it is absolutely gorgeous. Look at all those layers of papers and embellishments…wow, just wow. The colours compliment the photo beautifully. Lovely background work, and perfect title. I love all your layouts but this one might just be my all-time favorite. TFS.


  2. Carina Kindh says:

    Oh my what an absolutely horrifying thing to go through! I can’t even imagine how I would cope with something like this. We lost our sweet kitty in January but that was because of cancer – not something violent like this. I so can feel your loss for your companion and I would have such a hard time to know how to approach my dog after something like this.
    Lots of hugs – and thanks for making this gorgeous tribute to Pirate as a part of the challenge over at CSI.


  3. debbitehrani says:

    Lisa-Marie, Your Pirate is such a beautiful cat, and I am so heartbroken for you over what happened. Your journaling is a beautiful tribute to her, and the layout is just gorgeous with all those lovely layers. Sending love over the internet to your heart.


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