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Color Stories Inspiration released their latest challenge earlier today!  They are also celebrating their FIFTH birthday this month!  I took part in many of their challenges before finally making it onto their DT – this was HUGE for me.

Anyway, here is their latest challenge:

And this is what I put together to solve this really beautiful and sophisticated case!


Scheme : all there

Evidence : floral pattern, stars, glitter

Testimony : IW friends & lovely

This photograph was taken shortly after your graduation ceremony.  Although it shows just you and teacher Bronwyn, it speaks on many other levels too.

It speaks of the friends you have made.  It speaks of B’s amazing, gently, lovely, caring nature and deep love for her ‘kids’.  It speaks of how you’ve grown in the year that you have been in Grade R.  It speaks of your own love for your teacher and your school.  It speaks of how much you have learned.  It speaks of the friends that mommy herself has made.  It speaks of how far we have come with your physical and emotional development from January to December 2016.

This one image has managed to completely encompass the greatness of 2016 in its entirety.  I’m so proud of you, Isabella.  I’m so proud of where you are now and the most amazing progress you have made!


Here are some close ups of this piece:







2 Comments Add yours

  1. Love this layout, and the beautiful pic!


  2. Special moment indeed! Beautiful photo and page, Lisa-Marie!


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